Luminous Facial

What if your skin could become more elastic and your skin tone silky-smooth? With a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins, we restore your skin’s natural repair functions and achieve what few other facial treatments can. This $75 session lasts for an hour, and it’ll serve as a transformative experience for your skin. Once we’re done with the treatment, you’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated!

Our Luminous Facial treatment is simple as facial treatments go, though we use ingredients and tools with ample research behind them. Antioxidants and vitamins have been proven to repair the skin layers and further promote your skin’s natural healing functions. This will make it more elastic, firmer, and your skin tone will lighten up as a result.

Calmed Medical Spa offers test-and-tried treatments that will work regardless of the situation. Whether you’re young or older, with or without wrinkles and saggy skin, our Luminous Facial treatment will substantially improve your skin tone and the external epidermal layer. Thanks to the healing action of the vitamins and antioxidants, the epidermis becomes softer, firmer and obtains a natural luster as well. Your body knows best what it can do to heal itself, and our treatment counts on that!