Age Defying Facial

A 60-minute session where we use targeted ingredients such as essential amino acids, A-E-C vitamins, and isoflavones to affect the skin’s deep layers, compensating for the visible effects of aging. For $65, your skin will recover its firmness and natural glow, instantly countering sagginess and other effects of aging. Saggy skin and wrinkles are history now that our Age Defying Facial treatment is here!

We’ll revert your skin to its former self through this cutting-edge treatment plan and even enhance it. Many skin treatments don’t work because they target the nearest subcutaneous layer of the skin, and that’s not where the problem lies. Targeting the surface layers doesn’t even come close to fixing the problem and can only account for short-term results.

At Calmed Medical Spa, we aim to change that misconception and help your skin recover its natural luster and glowing looks. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, we reach the root of the problem. That’s where we need to work, and that’s the reason why our treatments are just that good! Our Age Defying Facial uses essential amino acids, isoflavones, and A-E-C vitamins to this end, effectively restoring your skin’s tone, structure, and overall look.