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Choosing a Spa in Sunny Isles is no easy deal. You have plenty of options, thousands of testimonials to read, and limited time. Well, the good part is that your search should be over now. Calmed Medical Spa respects all aspects you might have in mind regarding the perfect spa facility. It has a wide array of services, respects the harshest standards in terms of sanitation, has the friendliest staff, and the list can go on and on. Our spa deserves some attention, and we’re here to let you know what makes us stand out.

In case you want to find out for yourself, reach us at (954) 455-3434 or contact us online! You’ll find all the information you need there, and we promise our customer service is exquisite.

Reasons Why Calmed Medical Spa Is the Best in Sunny Isles  

Calmed Medical Spa receives a lot of praise in the wellness market in Sunny Isles. This comes from the quality of the services provided, along with the affordable pricing scheme. This spa can become the number one spa in Sunny Isles because of its service variety, premium ingredients, pleasant atmosphere, and even the luxurious location. It is the ideal merger between the most sophisticated features you’d see in a spa, the best massage center in town, the serenest sauna, or any other wellness space you might have in mind.

The Best Spa Facial Services in Sunny Isles

We have plenty of services to offer to our clients, but we see a lot of praise coming from our facials. All lasting at least 60 minutes and at an affordable price, they are the best choice for a relaxing hour. Plus, we use only high-quality products that will have an immediate impact on your skin. The crowd-pleasers are:

  • Age-defying – You can tell by its name why this treatment is one of the most sought-after in every spa in Sunny Isles. We use targeted ingredients on the likes of amino acids and a complex of vitamins to get the best out of your complexion. We add some isoflavones to the formula to erase fine wrinkles like magic. Once you get out of our spa, your face will be firmer and glowing after just 60 minutes of pampering.


  • Deep cleansing – The heavy pollution that floats in our atmosphere, together with the external stressors that affect our skin can no longer be ignored. We fight the undesirable effects of these factors with prime deep cleansing treatments. At Calmed Medical Spa, we use thermo-active enzymes and nano-stimulation to detoxify your pores. We finish it off with botanical elements that close the pores and prevent further clogging.


  • Luminous – If you feel like your complexion no longer shines as back in the days, it’s time for a spoiling session. Our luminous facial includes a high concentration of antioxidants and combines it with the benefits of vitamin complexes. Your skin will become instantly plumper and brighter in one hour. Use this time wisely to relax while our staff puts their best skill to work.

Why Calmed Medical Spa Should Be Your Primary Choice

At Calmed Medical Spa, we offer everything you want and beyond. Considering the quality of our services, we’re also doing it for a reasonable price. The appointment system is very convenient, and our staff is ready to assist you in any way you’d like. Everything we do is superior, so come check it out for yourself!

Don’t forget to have our phone number handy – (954) 455-3434 – or just contact us online for an informed decision!