Frequently Asked Questions

Facials are specialized skin treatments used for the face. There are a variety of different types of facials to choose from depending on your needs. Facials include steaming treatments for opening up and cleansing the pores, exfoliation, chemical peels, nourishing masks, LED light therapy, facial massage, and more.

It depends on the products used during the treatment. While many facial masks and creams boast a list of all-natural ingredients, it’s best to check with the esthetician offering your treatment. Remember that certain common skincare ingredients such as glycerin, collagen, or beeswax are not vegan. If you’re focused on ethical skincare, make sure to inform your esthetician about your preferences.

Facials are the best way to exfoliate, decongest, nourish, and hydrate the skin. In other words, facials are designed to rid the skin of blackheads, alleviate dry patches, and even out your complexion.

This will depend on the type of facial and on the ingredients used. If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, fatty alcohols and fragrances might exacerbate your condition. For sensitive skin types, it’s best to avoid physical exfoliation or chemical peels. If your skin tends to react negatively to skincare products, make sure to ask your esthetician to do a patch test first.

Specific treatments such as steaming, physical exfoliation, or peels are best used sparingly, up to three times a week. Other treatments can be done every day, with the effects being cumulative. Depending on the initial condition of your skin, you might notice a difference right away or after a few more treatments. Keeping up with your treatments will ensure that your good results will persist.

If your goal is to eliminate dark circles, lift sagging skin, treat rosacea or other medical skin conditions, or replace corrective cosmetic procedures, a facial won’t offer these results.

Every skin type can be accommodated during facial treatments. Your esthetician will inspect your skin and ask you a few questions before deciding upon the best treatment and product options suitable for you.

Of course! Facial treatments work as effectively on men as they do on women. Your esthetician will go through the same procedure when deciding which treatment is most suitable for your skin type. Keep in mind that getting a facial treatment when you are freshly shaven can cause skin irritation. If you shave regularly, try doing so at least a day before your treatment.

The essential services included in a facial treatment are generally the same (cleansing, steaming, extractions, exfoliation, massage, nourishing masks). Still, products and techniques can differ a lot from one clinic to another. An experienced practitioner will make a significant difference in the client’s results.

The price of facial treatments ranges widely for various clinics and spas. While certain places can charge upwards of $200, the average national cost is $80. The effect facial treatments will have on your budget also depends on your frequency of treatments. At Calmed Medical Spa, we offer a range of services for all needs for a price of $65, which is at the lower end of the average price range for facial treatments.